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SCR Catalyst

  • SCR Catalyst
  • SCR Catalyst
  • SCR Catalyst
  • SCR Catalyst
SCR CatalystSCR CatalystSCR CatalystSCR Catalyst

SCR Catalyst

  • Selective Catalytic Reduction
  • SCR catalyst
  • Product description: Selective Catalytic Reduction,SCR catalyst

Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) catalysts SCR technology is one of the most cost-effective and fuel-efficient technologies available to help reduce diesel engine emissions. They are used specifically for NOx aftertreatment in diesel engines, working in two efficient stages the Oxidation Stage for CO and HC reduction and the SCR stage provides NOx reduction. Both stages work together, drastically reducing harmful emissions to satisfy the strictest regulatory requirements.

In the mixing section, either ammonia or aqueous urea is injected into the exhaust stream. Urea is often used instead of ammonia, as urea is less toxic, easier to transport and store, and allows easier permitting. Urea in SCR.jpg this system is hydrolyzed and breaks down in the exhaust stream to form ammonia.

Each SCR catalyst is specifically formulated, designed and manufactured to meet our customer s requirements. We help you maximize your reduction of NOx emissions while providing a cost effective solution.

Now our Deferry®'s SCR catalyst included  below two type series:

1) SCR Diesel Catalyst

SCR diesel catalysts are highly efficient in reducing NOx in diesel exhaust emissions. As a result they enable diesel engines to comply with the statutory emission limits. They relieve the burden on the environment as well as cutting fuel consumption, toll charges and tax rates.

2) .SCR honeycomb catalyst

Our honeycomb catalyst can be tailored to customer specifications. Our products are suitable for temperatures between 150°C and 550°C .


1).On-Road Passenger/Medium/Heavy-Duty Vehicles 2). Stationary Engines

3).Power Generation         4).Dust Control                         5).Mining Equipment

6).Construction                 7).Marine                                  8).Material Handling

9).Diesel Locomotive

Note: For more technical parameters and technical advice, welcome to call or email consultation.

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