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About Deferry

Nanning Deferry Environment Protection and Energy Conservation Co., Ltd is professional designer and manufacturer of  exhaust after treatment systems for vehicles and industrial environment . We are founded by PRT and established in 2012, by constantly introducing technology and talent, we quickly grew into the industry leader in China.

Our core product are manufacture and sale of various honeycomb substrate for vehicle exhaust purification and industrial exhaust purification device. Moreover,we have our own catalyst coating technology and production equipment, so that we can supply catalysts and converters for our customers.

Our product line:

1. Honeycomb substrate

.Use for gasline engine's substrate: include ceramic substrate and metal substrate.

.Use for diesel engine's substrate: include DPF substrate DOC substrate.

.Use for industrial emission substrate: include SCR substrate VOC substrate.

2. Catalyst coating for above substrate meaterials:

.Three-way catalysts for automobile industry.

.Catalytic coated particulate filters (CDPF).

.Diesel Oxidation Catalysts(DOC).

.Selective Catalytic Reduction(SCR) catalyst .

. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)catalyst .

3. Catalytic converter:

. Universal catalytic converter.

.OEM design three-way catalytic converter.

.Diesel catalytic converter.

.Generator emission catalytic converter.

Now our products are provided to domestic internal manufacturer of converter and combustion engines, at the same time, we have successfully developed markets in Europe, America and the Middle East. We will continue to provide our customers with the best quality services in an "Innovative, Modest and Prudent attitude".

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