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VOC catalyst

  • VOC catalyst
  • VOC catalyst
  • VOC catalyst
VOC catalyst VOC catalyst VOC catalyst

VOC catalyst

  • VOC catalyst
  • materials of substrate: cordierite
  • Product description: VOC catalyst,VOCs,VOC treatment

VOC catalyst carrier are typically used in Stationary Engines within Industrial processes or Power Generation to reduce VOC and NSCR(Non Selective Catalytic Reduction) emissions, by coating its surface with a variety of different type of catalysts.

Although a variety of methods to reduce VOC emissions, catalytic combustion is still the preferred option, because this method is more versatile and economical. We develop volatile organic compounds catalysts that control hydrocarbon (HC) and other VOC emissions from a variety of industrial processes.  VOC catalyst takes cordierite ceramic honeycomb and “γ” type activated alumina as carrier, carrying specific rare earth auxiliaries and precious metal such as Pd and Pt, to make this catalyst has high activity, stable thermal features, long service life, small gas resistance, high crush strength and other advantages.

We aim to provide our customers with reliable and cost-effective solutions to the increasingly stringent emission standards, while meeting environmental regulations.

Our Deferry ®'s VOC series of products are specifically formulated for high destruction efficiencies and durability. Our superior performance and attractive prices will get you in compliance and keep you there without busting your budget.

Product features of VOC Catalyst:

1).Up to 99.9% VOC destruction

2).Low light-off temperatures help minimize operating coats

3).Robust washcoat and catalyst coatings

4).Robust,durable & cleanable coatings

5).Stable operation to over 1,200 deg. F(650℃)

6).Optimized formulations for specific applications

7).Wide array of substrate types

For more size information about the VOC catalyst, please refer to our specification of our VOC substrate.

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